Japanese eats: Maisen, Greenbelt

Whenever someone mentions Japanese food to me, I always think of sushi. I never really sought Japanese food, but I like it. During my last year in college, my friends brought me to this nearby Japanese food place that serves Katsu… and there goes the expansion of my Japanese food knowledge.

My friend had his birthday a month ago and asked if I wanted to eat at Maisen. As a picky eater, my condition will be as long as the place has chicken available then I’ll be fine.

We ended up in Maisen, a Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt 5.

The waiters greeted us in Japanese. The place is a little small but not cramped. It was really clean and had good yellow lighting, and over all a fancy ambiance.



Each table has their own set of condiments. I’m no expert so I have no idea what they are. But they really went well with my order! Tea and a wet towel is also served complimentary.

Their food ranges to all kinds of Katsu, and they even have their special kind of Katsu. I opted to have the Chicken Katsu don.


It was really delicious and filling! I was only halfway through my bowl and my stomach is already full. It looks small, but it’s actually super filling!

Maisen is located in GF Greenbelt 5 (along Pinkberry), food prices range from Php 350-450.



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