Thailand Adventure: Part 1

I had a quick weekend getaway in Bangkok last month. It was a bit of a rushed trip! I booked my flight about a week prior to when I planned to leave and I was just there for two days. I went straight to work from my flight.

Thailand is my first overseas trip, and I am in love! I only stayed there for two days but I enjoyed what I’ve seen and I’m definitely going back soon!

I left the office at around 3:30 PM to anticipate traffic and also I was avoiding the Grabcar surge. I had money exchanged near the office before leaving and it took a while. When I managed to be done with my errands, the Grabcar surge is already on. 😦

I was at the airport before 5 and my aunt arrived just a few minutes ahead of me. Luckily I did a web check-in so it was less hassle for the both of us. Our flight isn’t until 9 PM so we had plenty of time to go around and wait. We decided to have dinner first and then we headed straight to immigration.

Oh man, I really thought the immigration officer wouldn’t let me go! She had a bunch of questions for me but she didn’t seem satisfied with my answers and doesn’t seem to believe that I could afford my flight tickets (oh excuse me gurl). That experience beat my lecture days back in college!

We got in at the boarding lounge with about 50  minutes to spare. Great, bathroom time and just a few minutes of waiting. Flights were getting delayed but still no one was announcing our flight so I was pretty confident. When it was time to board, we were told the plane would get there by 11:35 PM… supposedly the time we would be arriving in Thailand.

Was it frustrating? Obviously. Am I annoyed? Yes, but for some reason I was calm.

I kept myself busy by watching a movie and playing with this kid who was annoying me. After a looong time of waiting… finally! It was time to be on the plane.

I sat down and just realized that I was tired. I wanted to sleep but I ALWAYS wait for the safety instructions and until the plane has at least started running before I sleep. But in this case, I continued listening to music and doze off before the flight attendants could even close the door.

I don’t know why I even took a window seat. It was night and dark so there is obviously no view for me to look at. I slept really well but had to wake up every now and then due to my ears needing to be popped.

As we were on our descent, I was super excited! Thailand from above seemed to be the same as Manila. We got off the plane and I was surprised that there was barely any walk from the plane to the airport itself.

Immigration was a breeze here, they just asked where I’m staying and what I will be doing. No sniffing on my financial documents (yay!).

Good thing we had an airport transfer service! We went to 7-11 first to buy some food and that’s when I realized how cheap stuff in Thailand is!

We got on our transfer service and I couldn’t fall asleep at all because I was too excited looking outside. Apparently it was about a half hour drive to our hotel.

Our hotel was located in a really quiet area in Pratunam, sort of a residential area.

All we wanted was to be given a hotel room… but nope luck and good vibes doesn’t seem to be on our side.



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