Thailand Adventure: Part 2

(After three months, here’s Part 2!)

So we get to our hotel and the receptionist tells us that there is no room available because the AC is broken. He said he’ll transfer us to a different hotel. Okay, fine. At this point we can’t really be choosy. It’s late, we’re tired, and we have a tour in a few hours. We got on the tuktuk and went to our new hotel.

I wouldn’t even call it a hotel. Do you know American movies wherein the shady character goes to hide out in some sketchy motel place? Yep, that’s the kind of place we are looking at. It was a huuuge difference from our hotel. We didn’t seek a 5 star place, but the one we got in exchange of theirs was just so bad! There was no way we are staying in.

We were given our rooms, and again, more confirmation that we shouldn’t be in it. I won’t describe it too much, but let’s just say it was a hard choice between sitting on the bed and standing up without leaning on anything.

We started looking for any hotel that could take us in, mostly five star places but we were stuck in the problem of how to get there. We don’t know the address of the place and how far it will be. It was almost 5 AM so my aunt and I decided to give up on the hope of sleeping, go back to our old hotel, and just stay in the lobby until they could give us a room.

So we walked back. We didn’t know how to get back there, but we know we can do it by walking. Two people in a strange place in a dark alley. We found a different hotel and decided to go in, look for a free room or just get directions. Sadly, the hotel is fully booked, but the receptionist was nice to give us directions going back to our hotel, warn us about the safety of the area, and ask their tuktuk driver to bring us to our hotel.

We got back and explained to the receptionist that we’re going to stay in the lobby. He insists that he gave us a hotel to stay in. We said no, the place had a lot of mosquitoes, and was just generally not of the same quality as the one we booked. So we sat down, and waited at the lobby.

Five minutes later, we were given a room! Finally! It was 5:30 AM and it was time to sleep… for 30 minutes. But finally, we were given a room!

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