Third Time’s the Charm: Thailand

In a span of two years I managed to visit Thailand three times. I really find it as one of the places that you will never get tired of visiting. My coworker said that there’s always another country you will call your second home and I think I found mine.

For this year I was in Thailand for 11 days, from July 21 until August 1 (although I had a 9:30 early morning flight on the 1st). In those 11 days I managed to do the following:

  • Visit Chiang Mai
  • Go to Chiang Rai
  • Drop by Laos
  • Stay in three AirBnBs and one hotel
  • Memorize the MRT & BTS routes
  • Visit Khao Yai
  • Watch two movies
  • Finally visit Grand Palace, Patpong, and KSR, Asiatique
  • Visit Bangkok Seaworld

Our first stop was Chiang Mai. It was really beautiful and so different from Bangkok. It was a bit cold when we went. The Airbnb we stayed at was really quiet, you can hear the birds when you go out. It’s not exciting when you go out but the peace that surrounds you is nice. We took a day trip to Chiang Rai which is a bit of a cultural and historical adventure. After the four days, we were back in Bangkok. As usual, Bangkok was truly amazing. A city that’s always so vibrant. I can go back there and find something new every single time. The number of days we spent there is still not enough for me to say that I’ve gotten tired of it. Our last stop was Khao Yai (well it was jammed in between being in Bangkok), and that place was a surprise. It was very lovely and also chilly. There wasn’t much to do except just go around and inhale the beauty of the different places we went to there but each had something special in their sleeve.

It’s the first time I have been away from home for that long. I even celebrated my birthday in Bangkok. It was such a nice and well-deserved vacation. I feel like I didn’t stay there long enough.

Blog posts to follow of my whole adventure in the past 11 days!

Here’s a video I made showing the highlights and the summary of my trip:


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