Bangkok Sea Life: an afternoon with your friends from the Sea

Everyone who knows me well know that I am not fond of animals. I’ve had plenty of traumatic experiences with different animals growing up which eventually led to a fear of them. Yes, they are cute but no, I will not touch them or interact with them.

Despite that fear with animals, I love sea animals. It may be due to the fact that I’ve never had bad experiences with them, but I have no qualms going to aquariums.

I was really excited when we added Bangkok Sea Life in our itinerary. I have only been to one sea zoo and it’s Manila Ocean Park. I went when they opened so attractions are still a few. I’m sure it’s amazing inside now.

Having passed by Siam Paragon plenty of times, you will chance upon ads and ticket sales of Sea Life and Madam Tussaud’s. I’ve always been curious how it looked like because it was at the basement of Siam Paragon.

There’s a long queue for the tickets when you purchase them online so you can just buy directly on the day itself, but I think that’s a little expensive versus booking online. There is an ongoing promo with AIS sim card which I got at the airport. Instead of paying the original price, we only had to pay THB 680 and it can accommodate up to two people. You just have to show the text message from AIS to the ticket receptionist.

One thing I’d have to say — the place is HUGE. I honestly did not expect it at all. Siam Paragon is huge but I never really thought about how vast it is until I went to Sea Life.

Safe to say you would spend about two to three hours inside. There is so much to see and there are side activities that you can do as well for a cost if you wish.

I honestly feel like it’s not that much of a *must see* when you come to Bangkok. If you’re visiting for the first time, it’s still much better to explore the city’s temples and shopping. This is more of a go-to when you’ve seen quite a bit of Bangkok and looking for something different. However, if you’re bringing kids with you then this place will definitely be the perfect treat!

How to get there:

  • Ride the BTS and get off at Siam station. That is connected to Siam Paragon mall. Go to the basement using the escalators.
  • You may also ride an uber/grab/taxi to Siam Paragon.


  • In my first two times in Bangkok, they offer discounts to visit. You can also visit Madam Tussaud’s as it’s beside it and they usually have a promo bundle!
  • You can book tickets directly from their website. Be sure to check promos you can avail of!
  • If you purchase the AIS Sim card, you will receive a text message letting you know that you are eligible for a discount. Just show that when you go. I got my sim card in Suvarnabhumi Airport and I think it’s only applicable to tourist sim cards.
  • I wasn’t able to compare but there are other activities you can do as an add on and pay for it. You can pay directly at the counter or when you get inside.


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