23rd: Asiatique at Night

I celebrated my 23rd birthday still in Thailand. It was the same day that we changed Airbnb’s so the morning was a little busy packing.

I didn’t have solid plans on that day. We’ve maxed out most of our stay in Thailand and have been to quite a few places. Apparently our new AirBnB was a 20 minute walk from Asiatique so we went there at night for dinner.

Our new apartment was in Sathorn, an area I haven’t been to. I felt like a local while walking around. There weren’t much tourists in the area. Really authentic. It was a nice place.

The area was a little bit residential with apartments everywhere. So different from what I was used to when it comes to Bangkok.

Asiatique is this big area by the sea with plenty of things to do. There’s shopping, a cabaret show, a carnival, a ferris wheel (!!), and a bunch of other things. I think it’s made exactly for tourists, especially for those who have their kids with them.

When we got to Asiatique, the first thing we did was a fish massage (THB 250). I have never tried it before and I was a little hesitant because I have no idea how it feels like. When I tried it, not much fish were feasting on my feet. It’s such a strange sensation though like being tickled and also not. It’s hard to describe it but my feet felt nice after!

We weren’t too hungry but found a stall that sells toasted bread (THB 25).

The smell was divine.

Best bread in my life. The middle was so soft!

After that good snack, we walked around a bit and decided to ride the Mekhong or the Asiatique Ferris Wheel.

The fee is THB 300 (or 400) per person and there are long queues. I don’t really understand their queueing system but it was efficient. I think we only waited about 10 minutes in line.

The ferris wheel!

You can see the queue behind.

The best part is that you get the whole carriage to yourself (or whoever you’re with)! I think the whole carriage can fit in six people at most. We were just two so it was roomy.

The view was decent. The sea area was dark of course, but you can see the lights all over Asiatique and some city lights.

I don’t know how long the ride took but I think we did two full rotations. It goes at a nice slow speed.

Have to take a picture beside the ferris wheel for obvious reasons.

After that we walked around some more and kinda just checking what else is there to do. We checked out the lady cabaret show but didn’t go as ticket prices weren’t posted.

We went to the carnival area and there was a circus show. We couldn’t fully decide if we were going to watch it but opted out of it and just walked around some more instead.

So bright and colorful. I’ve never been to anything that looks remotely similar to this at all.

A random tiny fountain.

They have a locks of love in Asiatique! I vowed myself that the next time I go here I’ll be putting a padlock. I absolutely adore cheesy stuff like this.

It’s Juliet that’s in the middle. You can even buy the padlocks there. So many couples have obviously gone here.

Great for walking around.

We reached the end and watched a cruise pass by. After that we needed to go to Miniso as my charger broke. It was already 9 PM and some places were closing down. Time for my birthday dinner!

We found this restaurant with a nice menu called Capri.

We weren’t famished, but we ordered a pizza and pasta and drinks (Sangria for me and beer for him). The waiter who talked to me said he knew Filipino and I was so surprised that finally someone was able to not mistake me for Thai! Part of my trip has been smiling sheepishly at people and say I’m not Thai, so it was refreshing to not be mistaken for Thai.

The pasta was amazing! It may look small from the photo but it was actually really filling. It’s one of the best pastas I’ve had. The pizza was all right, nothing too extraordinary with it. I loved the Sangria so much! It was a good place to dine at. Prices were a little steep but in return you get a nonbusy place.

After the dinner it was time to go back to our place. Instead of grabbing an uber, my companion wanted to try a tuktuk ride. The tuktuk driver said THB 1000 and laughed at our shocked faces. We rode the tuktuk from Asiatique to our place for THB 250, which I think is a bargain.

Our bright tuktuk ride.

What I don’t like about tuktuks is that they’re high so it’s a little bit of a challenge to climb up BUT there’s so much leg room.

This is a special birthday for me. It’s my first time to be out of the country for my birthday and I am exhalted to be able to spend it in my favorite place in the world.

My birthday is somewhat in the middle of the year (July 29), and I’m so thankful that the last six months of my 22nd was wonderful and difficult. I changed jobs, made new friends, and learned new things about myself.

It’s three months later and I think my 23rd year is when I will fully be embracing a more mature and independent version of myself.

I don’t know where and how I will spend my 24th, but I’m sure it will be as exciting and lovely as my 23rd.

Didn’t blow any candles that night so here is a gratitious picture of myself instead!

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