Bangkok’s Highest Views at King Mahanakhon Tower

Having ticked off most of things to do in Bangkok for the past three years, it was a little challenging to find new things to do. A Thai coworker of mine told me about Bangkok’s newest attraction – The King Mahanakhon Tower.

I don’t really frequent the Silom area but I think I have chanced upon the building before at some point. The building has a really unique design which makes it look like it was frozen mid-Thanos snap.

It is easy to reach the building, just ride BTS Silom Line and get off at Chong Nonsi station. The building’s entrance is already connected to the BTS. There are also signs everywhere pointing towards the building.

I purchased our tickets on KKDay but I saw that they had a promo as well. If I recall correctly, it was THB 790 to get to the observatory, the Skywalk, and the bar.

The building had a very futuristic look into it. Unlike Taipei 101’s observatory, it was not crowded at all. I was a little worried when we went because it was raining earlier but the sky cleared up. The elevator had really cool effects which made the ride going up (and down) a brand new experience.

We reached the observatory which gave us a 360° view of Bangkok. It was exactly like Taipei 101 and Saigon Bitexco.

We didn’t spend too much time inside and we rode a transparent elevator to bring us to the Skywalk.

The King Mahanakhon Tower

I love heights. I really do. There is just something so freeing about being somewhere high up.

What’s different about the King Mahanakhon tower is the existence of a Skywalk activity and a bar. The Skywalk is a glass floor. From hundreds of meters above, your view would be rooftops, buildings, the sidewalk. If you’re afraid of heights or you experience great vertigo, this might not be the best activity to try. The scary part for me was going down because it feels like going down the stairs when you’re getting in the pool.

Unfortunately it isn’t part of my branding to do silly poses.

There are people who will gladly take great photos of you, and they make sure that the skywalk is not crowded. People make crazy poses but I opted for a tame sitting down pose.

Went off brand to sit on the floor because of this nice background

After about 10 to 15 minutes of that, we took the stairs to get to the highest point of Bangkok, which also serves as a bar. It was only 4:00 PM which is too early to get drinks. Instead, we sat down and enjoyed the cool breeze and observing the city.

You can see Chao Phraya River in this building.

It’s so fascinating to see Bangkok from a different view. I have always been a fan of cityscapes but I don’t recall knowing a spot wherein I can take a good picture of Bangkok city. While it’s a bustling metropolis, people still cling to the temple views of Bangkok and how they managed to combine the progress of today and keep in tact the temples from years ago. What fascinated me the most is that they really try to set their buildings apart. I’m used to tall, concrete or glass buildings, but there, buildings will take in different shapes making them stand out. From where we were standing, I could easily spot Pratunam area thanks to the Berkeley hotel’s unique building style. The view also provided how much Bangkok is becoming a full blown city, one area has construction sites which will probably be condominiums or work buildings in the near future. It’s exciting to look at. Being there won’t promise you jungle or natural views, rather, it shows you the progress of Bangkok and their way to go.

It was time to go. Again, we took the cool elevator and we were dropped off at the Duty Free store. It was a little confusing because there is a lot of floors before you actually reach the building’s lobby. I didn’t buy anything from the Duty Free and I also didn’t check out the prices so I am not sure how much of a good deal you get there versus buying it outside.

The cutest elephant I’ve ever seen

The King Mahanakhon Tower is a new Bangkok attraction that allows you to see the city from a different perspective. Temples will always resonate when talking about this dynamic city, but alongside those beautiful temples built in the past, a modern Thailand that is quickly growing.

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