Calming Saturday in Sip and Gogh

Sip and Gogh has been open here in a while but I never had the chance to try it. I don’t remember when they opened their Alabang branch but for the longest time I only know of the branches in North.

Back when I was younger, I remember doing painting classes over the summer. I finished the course with three paintings which are still hung in our house until today. I never really picked up a paint brush after that.

As an artist, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so drawing and painting really frustrates me. My hands cannot keep up with my mind and they never meet halfway. I’m not really a fan of doing art.

I have started journalling two years ago, and I’m really content with the art that I am doing. I have bought some paint by numbers kits which I work on during the weekends. It has been exhausting but a lot of fun.

Finally though, I got a chance to try Sip and Gogh with a friend of mine. I was really excited because this is something I have been wanting to try for so long!

Sip and Gogh, Molito, Alabang

All ready to do some art.

Sip and Gogh Alabang is located in the second floor of Puregold Molito. It’s an average sized place. We got an open session so we get to choose the artwork that we want to do. You can choose any of the artwork that is available in the room.

The people in Sip and Gogh were really nice. They will help you make an outline of your painting and will provide you with guidance along the way. However, the whole painting will be done by you.

Sip and Gogh Alabang

As the name goes, you get free snacks and a choice of drink while painting.

It took me three hours to finish my painting and I was very happy with the outcome. You get a free bag to put in your painting afterwards.

Sip and Gogh

I am definitely looking forward to going back here and doing more paintings. For now, the painting I made is still downstairs and I need to find a frame so that I can put it up.

My most favorite part about Sip and Gogh is how calming the atmosphere is. I didn’t feel any pressure whilst I was doing my painting and I was really able to just enjoy my time. Normally, I will feel some internalized pressure to perform and do really well that sometimes I end up focusing on that instead of enjoying the activity as it is. The staff there are also very friendly. They answered all my questions and would be ready to help when I need them.

I highly recommend trying out a Sip and Gogh session regardless of your art experience. It’s a really nice way to celebrate a weekend if you’re looking for something quick and easy to do.

Sip and Gogh rates are presently at PHP 1,000 per person. This already includes the food, the paint, and the canvas. All you have to do is show up on your preferred date. Everything else is taken cared of.

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