Red Dot Design Museum: The place for souvenir lovers

I purchased my tickets for the Red Dot Design Museum through Klook. I didn’t really know what to expect out of it but they have something called a curated gift shop and I am a huge sucker for those.

I went to the ArtScience Museum first and that was in the other end of Marina Bay area. After that, it was a really long walk to get to the Red Dot Design Museum. It was a pleasurable walk nonetheless because I can walk through the mall (which is cool) or outside (humid, but clean and has a lot of great views).

Red Dot Design Museum

The museum is a stand alone building so it’s hard to miss. I was a bit tired from the long walk so I decided to sit down first and have some snacks at the museum cafe. I had a 10% discount from purchasing the tickets, so I got myself a slice of red velvet salted caramel cake and some juice. I found the cake a little expensive, but I also didn’t expect how huge the slice will be.

Red velvet is my favorite kind of cake. Salted caramel is my favorite anything. Red velvet salted caramel cake is my dream come true. I didn’t even think they would ever combine these two great flavors! It was so delicious! I will definitely go back just for that.

After that, I went to the museum’s gift shop which is just by the cafe to look at the curated souvenirs available.

That area is honestly a dream. The good thing is that they are expensive so I was able to stop myself from buying anything! I was a little sad but I would need bigger luggage and space in my room if I purchased any of their stuff.

I went to the second floor which contained the Human Nature exhibit. The whole building is small so don’t expect that you’ll be going to spend a really long time here. If you’re not the type to dawdle around museums, you will just spend 10 minutes here and be done. As for me, I was particularly interested in the lifetime data exhibit. Basically, they looked at a person’s lifetime and created a chart based on how much time they spend on things over the course of time. As someone who works with data, Excel, and charts a lot, I found it really interesting. There is always magic when you see a dump of raw data, click a few buttons and it suddenly becomes easy to understand.

I didn’t spend much time here, mostly about two hours. I was very fascinated with the souvenirs but I went home empty handed. I am very strict of my SGD 10 limit on my non-food, not necessary purchases.

Red Dot Design Museum
11 Marina Blvd., Singapore
Closes at 8PM daily

Easily accessible from The Shoppes at Marina Bay (around a 10 minute walk from the MRT station).

Tickets for foreigners are about SGD 12 that comes with a free book to help you understand the exhibitions inside. Special rates apply for Singaporeans and PRs.



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