The best Katong Laksa

After almost an hour of taking pictures of the Peranakan houses, I was starting to feel famished. I haven’t had breakfast at the time yet and it was almost 10 in the morning. From reading about what to do in the area, I found out that the best laksa can be found here. One place that is frequently mentioned is 328 Laksa which boasts to be Gordon Ramsay approved.

It was almost a kilometer away from the Peranakan houses but it was just a straight walk so it wasn’t that difficult to find. My portable wifi really lives up to the standard of Singapore’s fast wifi so I was never worried that I will be lost.

During my walk, I passed by this quirky store (which I will talk about in a separate blog). I was really hungry so I passed by that store but then realized that I won’t go pass by here again as I plan to go to Jewel Changi next. I went back and went on a detour spending spending almost half an hour in this tiny store.

I left, already having brought out my shopping bag as I bought a few stuff and I was really feeling hungry and slightly having a headache from the hunger and the heat. After 10 minutes of walking I finally reached the place!

The storefront of 328 Katong Laksa

The plethora of stickers in the storefront probably speaks for itself in telling you just how good the restaurant is. I went inside expecting it to be full and the food to be expensive, but I was fairly surprised to see that the food is priced decently. I think my whole order didn’t even reach SGD 10! Since it wasn’t lunch time when I got there, there’s not much crowd in and most of the people eating seemed to be locals. I managed to easily find a seat for myself.

328 Katong Laksa

Tastewise. Wow. It has been a long time since I had laksa so I had slightly forgotten what it tastes like. Oh, but it is so good. I got myself the small/regular size and I wasn’t even able to finish it. The noodles were chunky and firm. It didn’t feel like they were overheated or anything, and the soup is really rich. At first sip, you get the hints of the coconut and it’s very thick, and then as the soup travels the spice kicks in. It isn’t too spicy, but it’s also not very mild. They give spice packets which you can use to add more spice to the laksa. I opted out of that one since the current spice and heat of the food is good enough for me. My favorite part about their laksa is that they didn’t skimp on the seafood! It’s typical for noodle places to add in as much noodles and sauce and lessen the meat or veggies in their dish. This isn’t the case for this place. I also got myself this fish cake and their lime juice. The fish cake didn’t appeal much to me. It was my first time to try it but it was salty which is good in helping balance the spiciness off the laksa. The lime juice is a really great thirst quencher also.

I will definitely head back to this place the next time I am in Singapore. It is great and affordable laksa and its rich taste is enough to curb my cravings until the next time I’m here.

328 Katong Laksa,
51 E Coast Rd, Singapore,
closes at 10PM daily.



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