Souvenir shopping at Cat Socrates

As I was on my way to Katong 328 Laksa, I passed by a quirky looking store. It looked a little bit hipster and had a younger vibe compared to the other stores in the area.

It caught my eye enough that I really stopped walking to look and take a picture of the store.

The stores around the area do not look like this at all, that’s why you’re bound to really notice it.

I’m not sure what they were selling from the outside looking in, and I wanted to go in but I was hungry so I planned to just walk back. After a few steps away, my head was really itching to go back, so I turned around and went in the store.

Cat Socrates is a souvenir shop in Singapore. Unlike the typical souvenir shop that sold keychains, magnets, and shirts, they have all sorts of assorted stuff that you can say is truly Singaporean.

There was so many things to get! I ended up buying an English vs. Singlish book, a post card, and a few Peranakan tiles magnets. I really had to control myself at this store. It was very difficult, and the foreign exchange isn’t helping. I’m not used to stuff being sold in tens or hundreds and being considered expensive.

Here is an example of what I meant by their souvenirs being truly Singaporean. They are so unique and different from the typical souvenirs that you get! Believe me, I am so tempted to get a copy of one of these books.
Cat Socrates
The store looks a little cramped but it’s very organized and had such a homey and light feel.
Plants and pots for sale! I really wanted to get one but I don’t know how I will bring them on my flight and I was afraid the small pots will break whilst I’m on flight.

What made the store really different is their very lovely storekeeper, Zoozoo! If there is one word to describe Zoozoo, it will be chunky. When I got in the store it got out and wouldn’t go inside, but as I was leaving, I saw it sitting by the souvenirs so I took a picture and tried to stroke its fur.

Honestly the first time I ever saw a cat of this size!
Zoozoo the cat
A better picture of Zoozoo the cat!

If you are around the Katong area and you want unique artistic souvenirs or just want to say hi to Zoozoo, visit Cat Socrates at 448 Joo Chiat Rd. The items there are all locally made, and actually you can see some of the items also in Naiise or other souvenir shops but they also have stuff that’s uniquely theirs.

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