Meeting my favorite Singapawreans

For most of my life, I have been afraid of dogs. I had two pretty traumatic experiences when I was younger so growing up, being around dogs is not a fun experience. Even if it is a cute tiny puppy, I’m still afraid of it! Besides being terrified, I’m not a huge fan of animals at all.

We recently got a dog which has helped with my fear of them. When I went to Singapore, I found out that they have a dog cafe and with an afternoon free, I decided to go there and check it out.

We the Furballs is located in Bugis+. It’s the very top floor and I almost got lost going there. It is a small cafe and for a small fee, you get to have a free drink and some time to hang out with the dogs (1.5 hrs, I think). You can also buy treats to feed the dog. When I was there, there were two dogs whom we’re not allowed to feed because they were on a special diet.

There is a fair number of people when I went, but the place is spacious. I found a spot for myself and sat down looking at the dogs. They are all so cute! They also know tricks like “paw” and “sit”. It can get a little hard to get the dog’s attention depending on the number of people in there and some dogs tend to stay with one person the whole time.

My favorite dog there is Slinky! She is so precious. She threw up when I was there from too much excitement and then she came and curled up next to me before sitting in one of the cubicles. Bless her.
Her beautiful brown ears is my dream hair and hair color.
The sassiest dog in there! To be fair, if I was this cute and tiny I would be sassy also.
This little one is fierce and makes tiny growling noises whilst waiting to be fed.
This one is the most gentle. Her little outfit is also very cute!
It was nap time for this one the whole time I was there.

I don’t remember how many dogs they have in total, but there all tiny dogs. The biggest one is probably Waffles, the corgi. I was looking at my photos for any decent photos of Waffles, but they were all derpy poses! She was also the friendliest.

It’s a great place to hang out to when you don’t have much to do. The place is also really cold. The downside is that you can’t eat while you’re with the dogs and there is no place to eat, unlike the dog cafes that we have here. If there is a lot of people inside, the dogs’ attentions will be diverted. You’re not allowed to carry the dogs or force them to stay with you.

We Are The Furballs
#07-07 Bugis+, Victoria St. Singapore
Entrance fee gets you a drink and time to spend with the dogs



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