Having tea down the rabbit hole

The Disney version of Alice in Wonderful is one of my favorite films growing up. I like Alice’s clothes and the Cheshire cat. It was a really cool film.

A new tea place opened in Festival Mall, Alabang called the Alice Tea Salon. I stumbled upon on it on Facebook, and seeing that I’m always Landmark, I brought my Mom there with me.

The place is a little hard to find. Festival Mall recently expanded and the new area has confusing sections. We found it after walking a bit. It is on the 3rd floor (actually the 4th because they have Ground floor and Upper Ground floor) on the left side of the new cinema, in the same area as the VR place. The facade is a little bit unassuming and it is not beside restaurants so you might miss it.

The entrance of the store is really pretty!
You pass through this small archway to get inside the restaurant proper.

I am so in love with the interiors! The flooring is exactly the style I like, the colors are so bright and the seats were pastel blue. It’s pleasing to the eye and has that clean and refreshed look.

Drinks for my Mom and I

I got a matcha tea latte and my Mom had an Amber tea latte. The price point for the drinks is similar to Starbucks. My Mom’s Amber tea latte was so good! I forgot what the base is but it is the right amount of sweet. You can still taste the tea but it is not that overpowering. The matcha tea latte is good too, but it took me forever to finish it, and by the end I was tasting more of the matcha. I liked it, but matcha is an acquired taste so it might not be for everyday. It’s a bit stronger than Starbucks’ green tea latte

The store also offers pastries and plated meals. However, we went there after work and we were about to have dinner at home so we skipped getting food.

I’ll definitely go back here again. I can’t wait to try out their other drinks and try out their food. The pastries on display look really delicious!



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