Morning walk in Botanic Gardens

On my last day in Singapore, I spent the whole morning in Botanical Gardens. I had to go to Mustafa Centre first to run some last minute errands and then I took a Grab to the Botanical Gardens.

I got there at almost 9:00 AM. It’s a sunny day and the sun is just about to fully set in. As I walked through the pathways, most people were already done with their walk. There were a lot of dogs in the area and most people walking there seemed to be expats. That was probably the whitest area of Singapore I have been to.

Since it’s already my last day, I have exhausted my must visit places. The Botanic Gardens is last on my list, so I can take as much time as I want. It was a humid day and I forgot my water bottle so halfway of my walk was less enjoyable.

My first Singapawrean friend, Molly!

There were dogs of all breeds and sizes there. I’m not familiar with Singapore’s pet policy so I’m assuming this place is one of the pet-friendly places in the city.

I made my way towards the Orchid garden. Growing up, we used to have a lot of orchids at home. They are low maintenance and I remember they didn’t take up much space. I think the orchids we have at home are white, it’s my first time to see them in other colors.

After the Orchid Garden, I didn’t really know where else to go so I just walked around. The place is so huge that I’m not walking around in circles. I made sure to stay close to the central part of the garden where a lot off people are staying so that I wouldn’t get lost.

I usually wear long sleeves when going out so my arms won’t burn by the heat of the sun. Back home, the pain of the heat is what I’m worried about, but here in Singapore, it’s the humidity!

After almost an hour of walking, I was starting to feel really parched and hungry. I didn’t have any breakfast before going to Mustafa Centre and from there I went straight here. I decided it was time to leave, so I followed the route to the MRT which is at the other end of the gardens from where I am.

The pathways there are cemented, so if you’re looking just to walk or an easy jog, this is the place to be.
Spotted this lizard while I was walking!

Going to the MRT station took me almost another hour. I was so thankful to feel the cold breeze when I walked inside the MRT station!

You can probably end up spending the whole day in Botanical Gardens. It’s really huge and there are some areas that I skipped out on. You have to be really early to go there so you can go to a lot of places without feeling the burn of the sun, or go during better weathered days.

Apart from people jogging, I also some bringing blankets to sit in. I guess it’s a great place to find your muse, do you work, or literally get a breath of fresh air. You cannot hear any city sounds while you’re in there. It’s also free to go in, so it can be a great hang out place to be with your friends.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Rd., Singapore
Opens at 5 AM to 12 midnight daily
Accessible via MRT Botanic Gardens Station



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