Cat Cafe Singapore

I checked Google Maps for something to do. I saw that I was closer to a Cat Cafe instead of the dog cafe so I decided to check it out first before heading to the dog cafe.

The Cat Cafe in Singapore is in Bugis area, on the fourth floor of a building. It’s a little bit hidden and I actually walked past it. It’s quite a walk to get up but you’ll know once you get there.

I went in the afternoon when most of the cats are still asleep. I think I paid about SGD 20 and also got a free drink. I was slightly hungry but not so much so I didn’t get to try the other food that they have.

Unfortunately, during my stay there, most of the cats are asleep. It was nice to sit down and just watch them. There is also a lot of posters in the area that teach you the basics of a cat’s behavior. I managed to talk to one of the employees there and she was telling me all about the cats.

Apparently cats are not allowed in HDBs in Singapore (if my understanding or if I am remembering this correctly), so they adopted these cats and tried to give them a home. Since the cats are very independent, they leave the cats there when they close and go see them again in the morning.

It was a really nice conversation to have because she really gave as much information as she can, not just about cats, but also about Singapore’s laws on pets.

It was such a peaceful stay there! I enjoyed every minute of it. The room was cold and the cats were asleep. I was seated on the floor and waited for some of the cats to wake up. There were quite a few people there too playing with some of the cats that were still awake.

This cat and I were sharing a table.
It is a very spacious place with so many spaces for the cats to sleep or jump on to. I’m not sure if you can still notice the chair at the end, but you sit on the floor and they have these really cool chairs where you can still lean back.
Stroking their fur feels so good. So soft and thick!

I was showing pictures to my friend and having lived in Singapore, she mentioned that the cats there are chubby. I agree! Compared to the cats we have here, the cats in the cafe carry some chunk. If you can remember Zoozoo from Cats Socrates, she is also chunky! I’m not sure if it is the thick fur or their diet, but neglected will be the last description you will have for them.

I can only wish to be this comfortable as this cat.
This cat found a great place to sleep in and was pretty much asleep the whole time I was there.
Sleepy kitty.

They suggested that it’s better to visit the cafe in the morning when they are all awake and energetic. They did wake up eventually and was playful but in a peaceful way.

I’m not an animal person at all but if I have to choose between dogs or cats I think I prefer cats. They don’t seem to be as energetic or require as much attention as dogs do.

The Cat Cafe is located at 241B Victoria St. Singapore. You need to pay a fee to get in and that is equivalent to one free drink of your choice.

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