Future World: Where Art Meets Science, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

After the Fort Canning tour in the morning, it ended almost lunch time so I went back to my place and decided to have an early lunch in Toastbox. I was still running in Manila time, and to be somewhere by 1 PM means that I should be leaving my house by 11:30 to get there on time even if it is just really near.

I finished a quick lunch a little past 12 and I was already slightly panicking. The last time I went to Marina Bay Sands was for the iLight exhibit and it was so hard to navigate around all I just remember is how big that place is. My time slot at the museum is at 1 PM and while it’s not a guided tour, I didn’t know if they had cut-offs for the entrances.

I took the train and I was already in the blue line so there was no need for me to transfer trains to get to Marina Bay. The MRT station is connected to the mall and the ArtScience museum is towards one end.

There was a lot of directions pointing towards the ArtScience museum so it’s really impossible for me to miss it. Not to mention, the building really stands out. I don’t remember if it was already there when I visited in 2017.

My bad attempt at taking a picture of the building. It’s breath taking and really unique and I was also trying to rush inside.

I arrived there 12:45. I was still pretty early so I *tried* to take pictures while also just enjoying the surroundings. It was a sunny day and even though it’s humid, it felt pleasant to be outside.

An exhibit in front of the museum.

At the time I was there, they had this giant installation of a whale and it’s made of plastic products that are commonly found as ocean waste.

The iconic Singapore city line at a different view. And yes, there are lilies all around the area.

I really enjoy cityscapes and it’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love Singapore. This view is the most iconic view of Singapore, apart from Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer. Any show or vlog I have watched about Singapore never fails to feature this view.

At 1:00 PM sharp, I went upstairs to go to the museum. I’m a huge fan of museums, and the ArtScience Museum is a bit different from places I have been to. This is probably the first ever digital museum that I’ve visited.

The exhibit is titled “Future World: Where Art Meets Science” and made in collaboration with Digital Lab. The name might be unfamiliar but once you see one of the exhibits, their work is known all over Instagram.


The place is organized and set up in such a way that you won’t miss an exhibit. It’s also set up in a way that you will be focused in each installation. You can take as much time as you want.

The museum will be enjoyed by kids a lot. In fact, there were two areas there that had so many kids! I felt a little alone and left out doing the artwork and also a little to be surrounded by children.

My masterpiece! I have to draw this process, have it scanned, and then…
Ta dah! Your drawing gets flashed on the giant screen and it swims with all the other drawings made by other people.

It was so exciting (and exhausting) to see my fish swim around and chase after it. There are so many drawings so it’s so hard to find which one is yours. The screen is also really vast so you will be looking everywhere.

Another kid-exciting installation. I didn’t bother to get inside and join the kids, but it was really fun to watch.

All the time I was there, all I could think about is how much it’s going to be for my cousins! I still have some cousins that are really young and the activities inside the museum are perfect for them.

There are other digital installations which are mostly like digital projections and when timed properly, you can pose around them. It just looks so beautiful and there are so many opportunities for pictures. My only regret is that I was by myself.

I headed towards the main attraction. There is a queue because they control the number of people going inside to make sure that everyone can take great pictures and enjoy it. The pathway is also a little narrow so it’s good control in case of an emergency.

I really wanted a picture in this installation but I don’t know how. Luckily, there was some white guy in front of me so I decided to just go and ask him to take my pictures. He gladly agreed as long as I took pictures of him as well.

Turns out, he’s quite Instagram famous, so I felt flattered that he posted the pictures I took of him on his Instagram.

A lot of pretty flashing lights! This was my attempt at a selfie.
The background looks familiar.

I’m really bad at posing, especially if someone else is taking a picture of me, let alone a stranger. Thus, a lot of my photos on this exhibit is awkward looking! This is probably one of the nicest one apart from the brighter ones that had someone else in the background, unfortunately.

People during that exhibit are very polite. Everyone understands the need to get *that* photo and are very courteous and sensitive in getting in the way. We were all taking our turns and people behind and in front of us made sure we are able to take our picture.

I think I stayed the most in this place. First, taking pictures took a lot of time, and then I also decided to stay to take some videos, and finally to just enjoy the installation free from technological distraction. It’s so bright and flashy, and just really well done.

Bye, everyone!

The FutureWorld Exhibit is available in the ArtScience Museum for a limited time only. I was pretty lucky that they had this exhibit during the time that I went. I booked my tickets through Klook and I remember that parallel this, there is also a Disney exhibit in another part of the museum.

I love how interactive museums are getting now. I’ve been to some other interactive places but they are more targeted towards younger people. So while it’s enjoyable also for someone my age, the activities wouldn’t be a fit for my age. With Digital Lab’s Future World, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Coming there by myself didn’t feel awkward, except for the part with so many kids, but all the adults they were with are doing the activity also. The other installations are also great opportunities to take pictures of.

I highly recommend to visit this exhibit if you can and if it’s available when you go. They also do other exhibits in Japan, and I think the museum there is more well known and bigger.

I spent a total of almost two hours in the museum. I will definitely spend more time if I was with someone. I breezed through a lot of the installations because I just had to look around and there was not much to do.

The ArtScience Museum hosts various exhibits all year round. You can find more information about the exhibits/talks/and events they are holding here.

It’s easy to go to the ArtScience Museum. It is located at 6 Bayfront Ave., right beside the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. This is easily accessible via the MRT Station – Bayfront (Blue line) exit C & D. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the station to the museum and it will be difficult to miss as it’s a conspicuous building. You will need to exit the Shoppes to get there.

It may be a long walk, but the architecture inside the Shoppes is beautiful. The whole museum is really dark so it felt so weird to go back out in the light again.
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