All Things Naiise

One of my favorite things when traveling is buying souvenirs — especially local souvenirs. Fridge magnets are my constant purchase and I am always on the lookout for unique ones. Touristy souvenirs are fun reminders of my adventures.

When I first visited Singapore, a friend of mine told me about Naiise. I like notebooks, stationery, and quirky stuff so the store was perfect. I was able to visit their store in Orchard Central. Back in 2017, it was a tiny store but filled with so much treasure! It was so hard for me to decide what to get, but I left the store with a Singapore Gungho Passport, which I still have to this day.

I saw that Naiise has a big store in Jewel Changi. Prior going to Singapore, I visited their website to do some online window shopping. I was so excited for a lot of stuff that I thought about avoiding the store since I will end up bringing home souvenirs I might not even use.

It’s saying hello!

Naiise in Jewel Changi is hard to miss. It’s a huge store and you’ll surely pass by it. I walked passed it a fair number of times because I just know that I will buy so many things there. On my third or fourth pass by, I decided to go in.

Naiise is a store that sells a lot of uniquely Singaporean products. These range from a whole variety of items, from food, keychains, notebooks, and even stuffed toys. Naiise consolidates a bunch of local brands and provide an avenue for them to sell their products. It fits right into my aesthetic of quirky local souvenirs. I ended up spending almost two hours in the store from looking at everything sold and making mind debates on whether I should buy it or not.

I absolutely love these pun pouches!
It also comes in bag tags!
Oh, to be this panda…

There were so many good stuff! I was looking at everything intently and deciding that I didn’t get to take much pictures around the store. Trying to decide what to buy was a painful moment that I never want to experience again.

My paper bag of joy!

Items in Naiise can range from SGD 5 to SGD 65. There is a wide variety of products, so there’s not really a standard cost. Notebooks ran around SGD 30 to SGD 40, while pouches and keychains ran from SGD 7 to 10. If I wasn’t at the losing end of the currency exchange I would definitely bought more stuff.

My only regret is not buying their personalized notebook. There was a stand in the store that lets you customize a notebook — cover, paper type, size, etc. It was around SGD 50 – 65, which is pretty expensive, but it’s so worth it if it means getting a notebook that looks and fits exactly how you want it to be. I already had a lot of purchases not just in Naiise, so I decided to skip that one. Maybe I will get it on my next visit!

My purchases!

I got myself three things: a punny pouch, a kopi mug, and a wood engraved necklace. The necklace was the most expensive, and also one of my favorite purchases. The pouch and necklaces will be repeat purchases on my next visit.

My paperbag after a long day in Jewel Changi. It is a productive day for my wallet!

Naiise Iconic is located in Jewel Changi airport and open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily. You can also shop online and have it delivered to your house (they also do international shipping).

Jewel Changi houses similar uniquely Singaporean stores which sell other stuff not available in Naiise. Another similar store that I was able to visit is Cat Socrates in Katong.



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