Best Birthday News

The country reverted to a stringent lockdown two days after my birthday so I was so glad I still got a chance to celebrate before lockdown!

I was already partially vaccinated because I got my first dose of Moderna during the first week of July. I was so glad to finally have some form of protection because cases are steadily rising and the delta variant is becoming concerning.

My friend and I went to Tagaytay to celebrate. It was a dreary day — perfect for Tagaytay’s cold weather. It was so hard to choose where to eat because I feel like I’ve been there pretty much every single weekend. It was the most convenient quick get away from where I live.

The go-to breakfast/brunch place back when I was in uni.

I really wanted to get the adobo but it wasn’t available! I got their omurice instead and my friend and I split a salad. I also got a free slice of bread pudding!

We headed to Bag of Beans after lunch but it was closed. It sucks because their ube pandesal is one of the best I had. I always look forward to getting it when we go to Tagaytay.

What I learned for my 27th birthday: Antonio’s has amazing Caesar salad and I have good eye for bouquet.

I got home and the house was filled with food! My friends sent cakes and baked macaroni. While it was sad that we can’t celebrate in person, I felt the love and appreciate their thoughtfulness to get me something.

The best news about my 27th birthday?

I am going to gradschool! The ECQ last April postponed my passport appointment and I never got it until July. The first week of the semester starts in August so it was not enough time for me to fly to the US even if I wanted to.

A day before my birthday the uni reached out to me that they’re offering it online with the possibility of additional scholarship on top of what I had.

I got the news early in the morning when I woke up but I decided to hold off reading the email because I don’t want it to ruin my day in case it was bad. I decided to open the email on the drive up to Tagaytay. My friend is there with me so if it’s bad news, we’ll be together and do something to cheer me up.

I’m so glad it’s such great news! I feel over the moon knowing that it was official. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity and I am so excited to make my way to San Francisco!

27 and life feels like heaven!


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