In Full Bloom: Filoli Gardens

Spring is finally here!

I never gave much thought about the changing seasons since we only have two back home, but spring is the perfect mix of a warm sunshine and a cool breeze. You can see the color in the streets because the sun is bright, flowers are blooming, and everybody seems happy! It doesn’t snow in the Bay Area, but I could see the transition in the mood ever since spring arrived.

When my landlady found out how much I love flowers, she invited me and her friend to Filoli Gardens. If you’re looking for near getaways from San Francisco, Filoli Gardens in Santa Clara is the place to be!

Pink tulips by the staircase
Flowers are everywhere!

Filoli Gardens is a huge estate: 16 acres of beautiful gardens and a huge mansion. The place is open to the public year-round where different plants and flowers grow. It’s every flower lover’s dream come true!

Every area of the estate is picturesque and different flowers are in bloom. There was an abundance of tulips but an area of the garden had plenty of cherry blossoms, while another area had trees all over. It took us three hours to go around the area. There’s so much to see! There’s a lot of people, but with the vast area, you can still take your pictures privately.

Can you imagine living here?

We didn’t get a chance to go inside the mansion because it was a huge crowd and we had to be back in the city at a certain time. But I can imagine the estate is probably filled with personal memorabilia by the owners. It was huge and will probably take an hour minimum to explore.

To help with your visit, the Filoli Gardens has a blooming calendar so you can plan your visit wisely. There is always something in bloom, but March and April are the best dates. The area is a little bit secluded so you need your own car to visit. Don’t worry, there’s ample parking! The estate also has a cafe and shop. We didn’t get to check the cafe, but the shop sells plants which you can bring home.

If you like flowers or Bridgerton-esque vibes, then you should book a trip to Filoli Gardens! They’re only taking online reservations, so make sure you buy the tickets at least a day before you go.

Filoli Gardens
86 CaƱada Road, Woodside, CA
Tickets can be bought here.

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