Golden Gate Park Tulips

Golden Gate Park is one of the first places I ever visited when I got here. My classmate took me there and it was such a big park that we only covered half and I already easily reached my 10K steps a day goal!

Tiktok and Instagram has been bombarding me with posts on the tulips in Golden Gate Park and one Saturday, I finally decided to go.

Of course I have to make it on-brand by getting my directions mixed up.

I usually take the bus to Golden Gate Park and luckily, the bus I ride goes through it so I was in Park Presidio Boulevard, close to the “middle” of the park. The tulips are on the other side closer to Ocean Beach, which meant I had to walk two miles, which is not too bad because it’s always a leisurely walk but the view can get repetitive at some point. Although through this route, I saw bison in the Bison Paddock.

Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden. It is like you are transported somewhere else!

All the walking is worth it because this pocket garden is so beautiful! I went on a Saturday afternoon so it was a little crowded, but as usual, SF people are polite and give you space so you can take nice pictures.

This would have been the perfect time for me to get my cottagecore outfits out and take whimsical photos, but I opted for comfort that day. It was unusually sunny so I didn’t bring a jacket, which is a big mistake because it got really windy a few hours later.

Red and yellow tulips are such a beautiful combination, although they remind me of my high school colors.

I spent more time walking here than staying. I should have gone at an earlier time where there would be less people. It’s crowded and it’s not really that big of a space. It actually made me think about where and how influencers stay so they can do their content in the area.

Cherry blossoms up close!

On the way back, I saw cherry blossoms! I got disappointed when I went to Japantown because they didn’t have much cherry blossom trees but Golden Gate Park really made up for it. There’s a small area across the Bison Paddocks where there’s a few cherry blossoms together, looking so beautiful! I bumped into some people dressed in kimonos, which is so cute whilst another guy was meditating.

You will never run out of fun things to do in Golden Gate Park. You can see how much your legs can take you by walking around or you can just sit and enjoy the lovely weather. I thought that visiting Golden Gate Park once is enough but after walking through the whole other side, there’s just so much to see and do!

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