Coldplay in Santa Clara

Coldplay has been around forever! I feel like they’ve been around since I was in elementary.

I don’t call myself a big music lover. I usually get songs from movies, shows, friends, and nowadays – Tiktok but Coldplay is one of the few artists I do actually have a lot of songs on my playlist. My friend invited me to their concert in Santa Clara and I just had to go!

Coldplay in Santa Clara Levi's Stadium

The concert was such an immersive experience! We were in the general admission by the stadium so it meant standing up the whole time but I didn’t even realize it. The beginning was so much fun with plenty of fireworks and confetti and so much energy from the whole crowd.

As a bonus, we had a beautiful moon during the concert!

They sung their greatest hits and some songs from their newest album. For me, Paradise was the best performance. It’s a good song but it’s different experiencing it live.

Look how close I am to Chris Martin!

One more thing I love about this concert is how courteous people are. I’m 5’0 which is not really the most ideal in standing room concert but everyone who sees us offers to let us go in front so they’re not blocking our view! That kind of courtesy is something I’ve never experienced in a group gathering filled with strangers.

From San Francisco, it was a four hour trip to Santa Clara because of countless BART delays and transfers, and then it was such a long walk to where the rideshare pick-up is, but it was all so worth it! It was such a magical night and I’m so glad to experience it! After the concert, I sat in my room listening to the videos I took over and over.

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