Checking out Chicago

My midwest Spring break trip included a quick visit to Chicago, which is a five hour drive from Michigan. It was my friend who suggested the trip so I can really maximize my visit.

We got in Chicago around lunch time so we headed straight to Triple Crown Restaurant in Chinatown for some dumplings. The food was so good! I highly recommend the pork shiu mai and the pork buns.

The weather forecast for the day was rainy and it was 0 C, but I fared okay with the weather (smoke was coming out of my mouth when I speak which I thought was awesome). I took some pictures while we drove within the city to the museum.

What slipped off my mind that I luckily remembered when I was in Michigan is that Chicago is home to my favorite snack: Garrett’s Popcorn! I’ve tried it in Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong but I’ve never had an “authentic” one from the source.

They were spread out but we found one right by the Magnificent Mile. You can already smell the goodness from outside. They luckily had a promo, so I got a bucket of popcorn to take home and a small pack to snack on during the trip.

It continued to rain the whole afternoon, but it was just a bit of a drizzle. I could walk without my hoodie on and be fine. The rest of the afternoon was spent just walking around and finding gems in the city.

Chicago is super artsy! There were so many murals and the architecture looks different. It made me think about all the shows I watch based in Chicago — feels surreal to think I’m finally here!

We capped off the day with deep-dish pizza from Giordano’s! The waiting time was crazy so we ate somewhere else but I got a small for take-away that I brought back home with me, which was my dinner for the next few days. The servers had funny shirts which they were selling as souvenirs so I got one for myself too. It says “I got stuffed in Chicago”!

Before heading back to the hotel we went to see the Wrigley Building and the Chicago river. I love cityscapes best at night when the skyscrapers are lighted up and Chicago definitely did not disappoint! The rain added to the vibe as well. We drove here in the afternoon and it was beautiful but at night, it’s spectacular!

It feels great to explore the city by foot and not have a specific place to go to. We stumbled upon the Union Station (so beautiful) and saw some really great buildings and a bunch of offices. I really loved the vibe of Chicago!

Sunday was a lucky day. Due to the Shamrock Shuffle, they had to close a portion of the loop so I was able to get this picture with no traffic or people!

When in Chicago, you cannot miss taking a picture of the Bean! This was the only thing on my to-do list, so we did it during the morning. The Bean is located in Millenium Park, and it’s surrounded by beautiful buildings. It was such a bright, beautiful, and warm day that I can’t ask for anything more.

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