Inside the Union Station

While we were walking around Chicago, we spotted the Union Station building from a block away. The architecture was different from the other buildings beside it so we went and checked it out.

The name should have been a clue, but it’s the train station that services Amtrak trains! We walked around it a little bit first before deciding to go inside.

We were mesmerized the moment we entered! I had no idea what I was going to see but I certainly didn’t expect this museum or bank like kind of building. There was a couple having a wedding photoshoot when we came in.

Just look at how much detail there is. It was also really clean and you can hear the announcements clearly. The building reminds me of the Ministry of Magic in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. I’m sure there is a specific term to this building’s design and architecture, I just don’t know what it is.

For some reason I felt like I was inside a church when we walked down the stairs. It was a little quiet but you’re not expected (or required) to be silent, but it had that immaculate vibe to it.

This place was a happy surprise! It’s definitely not a hidden gem since it’s a public transportation terminal but I guess if you’re not taking the Amtrak you’d probably not think about going inside. The inside of Union Station takes you back in time.

Chicago Union Station
225 S Canal Street, Chicago
Amtrak Station

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