Social Media Campaign for Kate Spade

For this assignment, we were asked to choose any brand and identify its problems and solution using a hero/villain storytelling approach.

First we need to identify “who” by creating our buyer persona. Our persona is Anna, a mid-20s fresh college graduate with a few years of work experience in the city. Because of her young age, she feels like she is not taken seriously at work and wants to upgrade her wardrobe into more professional pieces, while still looking youthful. She finally has her disposable income and wants a little bit of luxury without the hefty price tag.

What’s wrong: Kate Spade’s branding on their social media is all about fun, color, and glamor. However, people buy Kate Spade bags because they are durable and multi-functional. The bags are spacious enough to fit a lot of things, while still looking professional and expensive. You can bring your work bag straight to dinner or a party and still fit in.

Hero: Kate Spade bags are a fashionable and affordable way to look youthful while still being professional at work.

Villain: Not being taken seriously at work due to age; not knowing how to dress-up for work.

This social media campaign aims to show Kate Spade’s versatility as the perfect bag for the working girl. It’s price point is a good starting point for a luxury brand. Splurge without feeling the gift.

Project involvement: This is an individual project where I did my research to identify the hero/villain and create my user persona. The posts were created by retrieving images from Kate Spade and Google Images. The result are original social media posts edited using Adobe Photoshop and Canva. This assignment was presented in front of the class.

Skills: Strategic Communication, Content Creation Skills, Presentation Skills

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