Video Documentary for the San Francisco Cable Car Museum

This is my finals project for Digital Storytelling. The task is to apply everything we learned in class about the elements of effective storytelling to create a documentary video of any topic of our choosing.

As a non-San Franciscan native, cable cars are the second (Golden Gate Bridge first) thing to come to mind when you ask me about San Francisco. Having lived in the city for a few months, I can always see long lines of tourists waiting for their turn to ride this historic vehicle.

But what makes cable cars uniquely San Francisco? How do they work? How long have they been around?

This project was made in collaboration with the San Francisco Cable Car Museum and in partnership with Yulia Porfivera.

Project involvement: Conceptualization, scriptwriting, audio recording (narrations), filming (cable car scenes around the city and Zoom interview) video-editing using Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Skills: Strategic Communication, Content Creation Skills, Cross-functional Collaboration, Project Management

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