A Crisis Plan for the University of San Francisco

For our Crisis Communication class, we were tasked to create a Crisis Communication plan for the University of San Francisco. In this plan, we need to highlight some considerations the university should have in terms of building their crisis communications plan.

In my paper, I highlighted four elements the university should focus on. First is the location. Knowing the location provides information about climate and topography which allows planners to know possible disasters that might happen, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. Second are crime-rates within a specific radius over a period of time. This allows planners to create plans that mitigate this kind of crime, or have a strong response when it happens. Third is communication technology. Planners must know how can they reach out to students in the event of a crisis. If campus access is limited or closed due to a high emergency, the university should be able to communicate this quickly. Last, would be to look at university-specific crimes that happened elsewhere.

Project Involvement: This is an individual project.

Skills: Strategic Communication

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