Narrative Theory in a Health Context

This is a leadership discussion I presented in front of graduate students enrolled in a Foundations in Communications class.

The goal of this discussion is to talk about how Walter Fischer’s Narrative theory can be applied in the health context. Specifically, I provided two journal articles as examples that used this approach. First is Lee’s storytelling theory to address health communication in minorities, which highlights the differences between Western and Non-Western health communications. By using a storytelling approach, we can help cultures with stronger storytelling traditions to understand health better. Second is Liu et al.’s study on direct-to-consumer advertisements for prescription drugs. It was found that a storytelling approach results in better product assessment. However, authors conclude that advertisers must learn to find the balance between using a narrative and straightforward messaging to present the risk and benefits and of each medicine.

Project Involvement: This is an individual project.

Skills: Strategic Communication, Presentation Skills

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