Emphatic listener. Storyteller at heart. Passionate for belongingness.

I was born and raised in the Philippines where it was my home for 27 years. Growing up as an introverted only child, reading has always been where I found the most comfort. Jacqueline Wilson, Barbara Park’s Junie B. Jones, Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby, Judy Blume, and Ann M. Martin’s The Baby Sitters Club were the epitome of my childhood.

A copy of one of my favorite Jacqueline Wilson books.

Inspired by their stories, I started to write my own, revising endings of stories I didn’t like or thinking up new shenanigans for my well-beloved characters. This inspired me to join my school’s campus journalism club… which became my home until I graduated in high school.

In college, I studied Organizational Communication from De La Salle University. This taught me the value of listening and understanding your audiences so you can write compelling and effective messages that matches their needs. Right after graduation, I joined corporate America by working for Shell. Two years later, I joined Ford, where it became my home for five years. As a marketer, I learned how to anticipate my customer’s needs and come up with ways that inspire and make them feel they’re an important part of our brand.

My biggest strength is my ability to listen well. In a group setting, I’m always the person to sit, listen, and observe before speaking up. By actively listening, I learn about your experiences, perspectives, and insights. In turn, this has led to successful and well-established relationships, and having the solutions to specific problems solved in a manner that’s aligned yourself and your values.

I love joining organizations and being involved because it’s my way of showing my gratitude and appreciation for being included in a community. I strive to be an enthusiastic and involved member who contributes in any way that I can. Most importantly, I love thinking of ways to make people feel involved and proud of the organizations they belong to.

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