Ford Protect

Location: Philippines

Ford Protect or the Ford Extended Service Business is the aftersales/service brand of Ford, where we offer various service packages for Ford owners to keep their cost of ownership more affordable.

I worked under this brand for five years (2017-2022) and here are my key achievements:

  • CRM:
    • Regular service and extended warranty reminders sent through text and/or email with a book a service functionality embedded for a customer’s ease of journey.
    • Launched the distribution of safety recalls/campaign through text and email. Customers are informed and encouraged to visit their dealership for the free services.
    • Launched the Ford Field Safety Action Tool where customers can key in their VINs and see any active safety recalls or campaigns for their vehicle.
  • Revenue:
    • Generated over $2.5M of revenue by collaborating with Vehicle Marketing in providing service packages for brand new vehicles sold.
    • Generated a total of $7.2M in revenue for the Premiumcare program that ran for 18 months.
    • Negotiated costs with suppliers that resulted in significant savings in market’s fixed marketing and warranty costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    • Service packages included in customer’s purchase result to at least Php 30,000 in savings in a multi-year period for preventive maintenance costs (based on the published PMS tables).
    • Increased the roadside assistance coverage in 2020 from one year to three years.
  • Marketing:
    • Collaborated with the Communications team for service campaigns that promote our Ford dealerships and Ford Protect products.
    • Created dealership POS for Ford Protect products.
    • Worked with regional team in localizing Ford Protect assets for local market use.
    • Standardized the Ford Protect website in three ASEAN markets (PH, VN, TH) and provided support in UI/UX testing and English copywriting.


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