In my years of experience, I bring the following value add to companies.

Strategic Communication

I can effectively convey and create messages to my intended audiences, while also considering the bigger picture and the impact it has to stakeholders. I can accurately identify the right audience, their needs, and tailor the messages using the correct channels accordingly. I can communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely, using the appropriate language and tone to resonate with its intended audience.

Content-Creation Skills

I am able to create high-quality and engaging content that resonates with my intended audience. I can craft compelling stories through written and visual (graphic design, photography, video) methods. I understand the nuances of each content format and have the ability to optimize content for each specific platform. Additionally, I possess the technical knowledge to create these stories. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Content Management platforms, and WCAG 2.0 certified.

Cross-functional Collaboration & Interpersonal Skills

I can work effectively with colleagues in different departments and backgrounds to achieve a common goal. I communicate clearly and respectfully, listen actively, and find solutions that benefit everyone in the team. I understand the importance of building relationships and trust and know how to establish positive working relationships based on mutual respect. I possess a range of communication and social abilities that enable them to build positive relationships, establish rapport, and navigate complex social dynamics.

Presentation Skills

I have the skills and techniques that enables me to capture my audience’s attention, keep them engaged, and create a lasting impression. I know how to tailor my presentation depending on the audience, understanding their needs and interests and using the right language and tone to create a connection with them. I’m able to create and deliver engaging presentations that effectively communicates my message and impacts my audiences.

Project Management

I can plan, organize, and execute projects efficiently and effectively, within budget, and keeping all stakeholders on board and satisfied. I have the foresight to identify potential risks and issues, and develop strategies to mitigate them effectively. I manage resources and budgets effectively and know how to communicate well and collaborate with stakeholders and team members.

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